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Should I Have Surgery for Spinal Stenosis?

  Your spine is the central framework of your body. It holds you upright, connects the rest of your skeleton together, and allows your body to flex and move freely. When the spine functions correctly, it provides support and balance.…
Dr. Daniel Choi
October 14, 2022

6 Exciting Advances in Spine Surgery

  At Spine Medicine & Surgery of Long Island, we’re self-proclaimed spine nerds. We’re always looking ahead at the latest developments in the world of spinal surgery to keep our practice at the cutting edge of our field. That’s partly…
Dr. Daniel Choi
April 22, 2022

Can a Herniated Disc Heal On Its Own?

Can a Herniated Disc Heal On Its Own?   So you’ve recently been diagnosed with a herniated disc. First of all, we feel for you. At Spine Medicine & Surgery of Long Island, we know all too well how painful and…
Dr. Daniel Choi
January 24, 2022

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