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Dr. Daniel Choi is one of the few surgeons in the United States, and the first on Long Island, to offer dualPortal™ endoscopic spine surgery. It’s the most advanced minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) available, and the technique allows for any MISS done through an incision or tube to be performed with the assistance of an endoscope. This means enhanced visibility and even greater precision.

dualPortal Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Benefits of dualPortal Endoscopic Spine Surgery

More Accurate

dualPortal gives Dr. Choi outstanding visibility for unparalleled accuracy. Throughout the whole procedure, he has a high-definition, clear view of his patients’ anatomy down to the finest details and all in real-time

Better Outcomes

With dualPortal, surgery is safer, incisions are smaller, there is less bleeding and muscle trauma, and the risk of nerve damage is minimized. The technique also allows Dr. Choi to treat a wider range of spine conditions endoscopically.

Quicker Recovery

Thanks to the enhanced precision, physical trauma is significantly reduced and there is a lower risk of postoperative complications. This adds up to a potentially quicker recovery and less downtime.

How Does dualPortal Work?

Dr. Choi makes one incision, approximately 7mm in length, for the working portal, through which the procedure is performed. He makes another tiny incision for the viewing portal with the camera.

The camera captures a full, real-time view of the surgical site. Dr. Choi completes the procedure through a tube using small surgical instruments, while seeing every detail of your anatomy on screen.

How Does dualPortal Work?

Less Pain, More Living

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