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Kyphosis is an excessive front-to-back curving of the upper spine. It results in an abnormal forward rounding of the back. Kyphosis can occur at any age, including in infants and teenagers, however, it’s most common in older women. To learn more about your options for kyphosis treatment in Long Island, read on or schedule a consultation at Spine Medicine & Surgery of Long Island by calling us at (631) 730-7970.

The Symptoms of Kyphosis

Mild kyphosis may have no signs or symptoms. In more severe cases, kyphosis causes:

  • An exaggerated curve or rounding of the spine
  • Back pain
  • Stiffness

What Causes Kyphosis?

  • Osteoporosis
  • Congenital issues
  • Scheuermann’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Spinal disc degeneration
  • Proximal junctional kyphosis (when the spine breaks down above an area where prior surgery was performed)
Consultation With Our Spine Specialist

How is Kyphosis Diagnosed?

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Discussion With Dr. Choi

When you meet with Long Island orthopaedic spine surgeon Dr. Choi, he’ll talk with you about your symptoms and take your medical history.

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Dr. Choi will perform a full physical exam to evaluate the rounding of your back. He’ll also check your reflexes and muscle strength.

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Imaging Tests

To determine the extent and severity of your condition, Dr. Choi will order an x-ray, a CT scan and/or an MRI. These diagnostic tests can also identify any co-existing problems, such as infection or tumor.

Kyphosis Treatment

Once you’ve been diagnosed with kyphosis, Dr. Choi will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. The goal of treatment is to correct the curve and alleviate pain.

Treatment will likely include a blend of several approaches and could entail:

Lifestyle Changes

Many of our Long Island kyphosis patients respond well to lifestyle changes. Depending on your situation, these could include regular exercise, weight loss and eating a spine-friendly diet high in calcium and vitamin D.


Surgery for kyphosis is only recommended for severe cases and as a last resort if conservative treatments fail. When it is needed, Dr. Choi can perform spinal fusion surgery. During the procedure, he’ll connect the affected vertebrae with metal rods and screws. This will help to fix the curve and provide stability.

Pain Relievers

If kyphosis is causing severe pain, certain prescription medications can help to reduce your discomfort.

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist will have you do different exercises to increase flexibility and strength and lessen your pain.

Less Pain, More Living

Find out how we can help you achieve freedom from pain. To get started, schedule a consultation with our Long Island spine surgeon today!

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