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As a top Long Island minimally invasive spine surgeon, Dr. Daniel Choi uses Mazor X Stealth™ CT-Guided Navigation. The sophisticated technology includes 3D planning tools and an intra-operative guidance system, allowing Dr. Choi to perform minimally invasive procedures with maximum precision.

The Benefits of Stealth CT-Guided Navigation

Improved Accuracy

Stealth CT-guided navigation provides surgeons with much more extensive visual information than ever before. Not only is Dr. Choi able to thoroughly plan your procedure in advance, he can also see your anatomy in real-time to accurately place screws, bone grafts and implants.

Enhanced Safety

You’ll require fewer x-rays before your procedure, which reduces your exposure to radiation. Thanks to the precision and ability to see your spine without a large incision, surgery is safer, the risk of nerve damage is minimized, and you’ll have less muscle trauma and bleeding.

Shorter Procedures and an Easier Recovery

Stealth CT-guided navigation provides heightened precision, allowing for shorter surgeries. Because you’ll experience less physical trauma and blood loss, your recovery will be easier and faster, and the risk of post-operative complications will be significantly lower.

CT Guided

How Does Stealth CT-Guided Navigation Work?

With traditional spine surgery, the surgeon orders x-rays of your spine prior to your surgery and uses them to determine where to place screws, implants or bone grafts. During the procedure, they then rely on the visual information from the x-ray, as well as their judgement and experience to place any hardware or materials. Unfortunately, because two-dimensional x-rays only show so much and the spine is flexible, there is a margin of error.

Robotic Surgery

Stealth CT-Guided Navigation helps to improve accuracy and minimize risks. Dr. Choi imports your CT scans into the 3D-planning software to create a surgical blueprint. He’s able to map out every aspect of your operation before setting foot in the operating room.

During your procedure, Dr. Choi uses intra-operative scans and technology that works like a GPS system to visualize your spinal anatomy in real-time. His surgical instruments contain LEDs that transmit their location to a computer and a robotic arm holds key instruments in place. The CT-guided navigation system lets Dr. Choi place hardware exactly where it needs to go and ensure it’s accurately positioned before he completes the surgery.

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