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Being the tech-savvy practice we are, if there’s a technology that can make surgery safer, less invasive and more effective, our team is on it! One of our favorite advances that helps us do just that is computer-guided navigation. Using computer-assisted navigation, our Long Island spine surgeon, Dr. Daniel Choi, can perform minimally invasive procedures with unparalleled precision, offering an easier, safer alternative to traditional open back surgery.

The Benefits of Computer-Assisted Spine Surgery

Improves Accuracy

Guided by detailed images of your spine, Dr. Choi can more accurately and efficiently implant screws. He can also clearly visualize your spine’s anatomy without having to make a large incision.

Safer Procedures

We can reduce the number of x-rays needed when planning and performing your surgery, decreasing your radiation exposure. The exceptional precision also enhances the safety of your surgery and results in less muscle trauma and bleeding.

Better Outcomes and a Shorter Recovery

Screw placement can be done minimally invasively, which not only preserves muscle and tissue, but also causes less post-operative pain, better outcomes, fewer complications and a shorter, easier recovery.

What is Computer-Guided Navigation and How Does it Work?

With computer-guided navigation, Dr. Choi plans your procedure and performs your surgery in real-time using detailed images of your spine as his guide.

The process begins with an intraoperative CT scan to map out your anatomy. The images are sent to Dr. Choi’s computer and cutting-edge software creates 3D images of your spine. Dr. Choi uses these computerized, 3D renderings to plan out every single aspect of your surgery, including the exact placement of screws, bone grafts or other implants.

During your procedure, Dr. Choi utilizes surgical instruments that contain LEDs. These instruments send signals to an optical camera that’s set up in the operating room. Dr. Choi has a clear view of your surgery as he’s performing it for maximum accuracy and optimal safety.

Robotic Surgery
Mazor x stealth technology.

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