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Dr. Daniel Choi is one of a select group of specialists qualified to perform robotic spine surgery on Long Island. He uses the Medtronic Mazor X Stealth™ Edition Robotic Guidance Platform. With Mazor X technology, Dr. Choi can create a customized, 3D blueprint for your procedure and use robotics to execute it exactly as planned. The system offers a safer, more precise alternative to traditional open back surgery.

Robotic Surgery

The Benefits of Robotic Spine Surgery

Improved Precision

The Mazor Robotics System allows for extremely precise, customized pre-operative and intra-operative planning. A robotic arm guides the placement of implants and screws with unparalleled accuracy, while navigation technology improves Dr. Choi’s visibility throughout the entire procedure.

Enhanced Safety

Robotic navigation decreases your exposure to radiation, because multiple x-rays aren’t required for guidance. The system also lets Dr. Choi see your spine in real-time without having to make a large incision. Thanks to the enhanced accuracy, procedures are shorter and safer.

Better Outcomes With Less Downtime

Robotic spine surgery is minimally invasive, requires smaller incisions, and causes less blood loss and trauma to the surrounding muscles and tissues. This leads to an easier recovery. Plus, robotic guidance helps Dr. Choi perform your surgery according to plan for a better outcome.

How Does Robotic Spinal Surgery Work?

Using our robot-guided spine surgery system, Dr. Choi creates an individualized, 3D surgical blueprint tailored to your unique needs. This comprehensive pre-operative planning helps to make the surgery more predictable, accurate and efficient.

Robotic Surgery

During your procedure, an automated robotic arm, which is connected to a state-of-the-art navigation system, holds the surgical instruments in place for Dr. Choi. Dr. Choi can then place implants and screws with maximum precision through micro-incisions.

Dr. Choi retains full control throughout the entire procedure. With the system’s real-time imaging feedback, he is able to visualize your anatomy and make adjustments as needed to ensure the surgical plan is carried out exactly as he wants.

Less Pain, More Living

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