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Long Island spine surgeon Dr. Daniel Choi integrates cutting-edge, proven techniques and technology into his practice. One such advance that helps make fusion of the lumbar spine quicker, safer and less invasive is oblique lumbar interbody fusion, or OLIF. The technique allows Dr. Choi to perform surgery through a single, small incision and access a damaged disc without having to remove the facet joint or strip away muscles and soft tissue.

Benefits Of OLIF

Benefits of OLIF

Faster Procedure

OLIF can be performed in significantly less time than open fusion surgery and even other minimally invasive fusion procedures.

Reduced Risk

Because the disc is accessed through an anatomical corridor that doesn’t contain nerves or vascular structures, the risk of complications is reduced.

Quicker Recovery

The surgery relies on one tiny incision and minimizes damage to surrounding tissues and structures, which may lead to a faster and easier recovery.

How Does OLIF Work?

During the procedure, Dr. Choi makes a single, small incision on the side of the lower back. He inserts a tube into the incision, through which he performs the surgery. Aided by fluoroscopy, he accesses the damaged disc through a space known as Kambin’s Triangle, an area that doesn’t contain nerves or vascular structures.

Dr. Choi removes the damaged disc and places bone graft materials into the empty space. He also uses a biodegradable implant to lift the vertebrae, relieve compression and allow the graft to solidify. Finally, Dr. Choi inserts hardware to stabilize your spine. Over time, new bone forms, fusing the vertebrae to relieve pain and instability.

How Does OLIF Work?

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