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As a Harvard-trained, board-certified minimally invasive spine surgeon, one of Dr. Daniel Choi’s specialties is endoscopic spine surgery. Thanks to advances in the field, Dr. Choi can precisely identify damaged discs and determine exactly what’s generating your pain. He can then address the problem using this minimally invasive approach.

Endoscopic spine surgery is as effective as traditional open back surgery for treating a number of spine conditions. However, with an endoscopic approach, you’ll benefit from a shorter recovery period, less trauma, and reduced post-operative pain. Want to find out if endoscopic spine surgery is the right solution for you? Schedule a consultation at Spine Medicine & Surgery of Long Island today!

Benefits of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Safe, Precise and Efficient

Endoscopic spine surgery involves a very small incision and can often be completed in an hour. Due to its precision, there is less blood loss and trauma to the surrounding muscles and tissue.

Quicker Recovery

This type of minimally invasive spine surgery is done on an outpatient basis and doesn’t require a hospital stay. You’ll have reduced post-operative pain and a much quicker, easier recovery.


Dr. Choi can successfully treat a variety of spine conditions using an endoscopic approach. Once you heal, you’ll have improved mobility, function and, most importantly, quality of life.

What is Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

Traditional spine surgery requires a lengthy incision and the doctor has to cut and then move aside the back muscles. This can cause injury to the muscles and soft tissues that surround the spine.

Endoscopic spine surgery, on the other hand, involves one small incision in the skin through which Dr. Choi inserts an endoscope. This tool is attached to a camera that lets him view the surgical site without having to open up the back completely. The entire procedure is completed inside of a tube with tiny surgical instruments.

Because you don’t have a large incision and won’t experience trauma to the muscles and tissue, recovery is easier, and you’ll be back doing your daily activities without pain more quickly.

What Spine Conditions Can be Treated With Endoscopic Surgery?

  • Bulging and herniated discs
  • Facet joint disease
  • Bone spurs
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Scoliosis

Types of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Dr. Choi performs two main types of endoscopic spine surgery in Long Island:

This endoscopic spinal surgery is commonly performed to remove herniated disc material that’s responsible for neck and back pain. The minimally invasive procedure only takes about 30 minutes. There is no hospital stay and you’ll be able to go home on the same day as your surgery.

When performing the surgery, Dr. Choi makes a tiny incision in your back. He then guides a small tube through the opening until it reaches the spine. This gives him a direct visualization of the affected area.

Dr. Choi inserts small surgical tools through the tube and removes the herniated disc material. Sometimes, he may also use laser technology to ablate, or deaden, the nerves inside of the disc, giving you significant and lasting pain relief.

An endoscopic laminotomy is a decompressive surgical procedure to treat spinal stenosis. It’s an excellent, minimally invasive alternative to a traditional laminotomy.

Dr. Choi begins the procedure by using x-ray guidance to insert a fine needle until it reaches the spine. He then makes a small incision around the needle through which he inserts tubes and an endoscope. Finally, he uses tiny surgical instruments to remove any bone, bone spurs, ligaments or disc material that is compressing the nerve roots. This creates more space in the spinal column to relieve spinal stenosis.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Am I a Candidate for Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

You may be a candidate for endoscopic spine surgery if you have disc-related problems or certain spinal conditions, such as spinal stenosis or scoliosis, that haven’t responded to conservative treatment and are impacting your daily life.

The only way to find out for certain whether endoscopic spine surgery is the best approach for your needs, is to schedule a consultation at Spine Medicine & Surgery of Long Island. As a top Long Island spine surgeon, Dr. Choi is an expert at diagnosing the source of your pain. He takes the time to really listen to you and understand your concerns, so he can create a truly personalized treatment plan.

Less Pain, More Living

Find out how we can help you achieve freedom from pain. To get started, schedule a consultation with our Long Island spine surgeon today!

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