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Dr. Daniel Choi Performed the First dualPortal Endoscopic Spine Surgery on Long Island

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Recently, our very own Dr. Daniel Choi had the honor of performing the first dualPortal™ endoscopic spinal surgery on Long Island. In fact, prior to this, only one surgeon in the U.S., Dr. Don Park of UCLA, routinely performed dualPortal endoscopic fusion.

It’s the most advanced minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) available, and the technique allows any MISS done through a tube or incision to be performed with the assistance of an endoscope.

How Does dualPortal Work?

One incision, about 7mm in length, is made for the working portal, through which the surgery is performed. Another small incision is made for the viewing portal with the camera.

dualPortal gives the surgeon better visibility and an incredibly clear, high-definition, real-time view of their patient’s anatomy. The technique also allows surgeons to treat a wider range of spine conditions endoscopically.

The Benefits of dualPortal for Patients

As a board-certified minimally invasive spine surgeon, Dr. Choi is dedicated to treating patients with advanced techniques that help them get relief from pain with less downtime. dualPortal, from Amplify Surgical, fits right into his philosophy. The approach involves less bleeding and muscle trauma, smaller incisions and a potentially quicker recovery.

“I’m proud to have had this opportunity and want to thank Amplify Surgical and Dr. Don Park for their guidance,” said Dr. Choi. “I am so excited to bring this revolutionary technique to my patients at Spine Medicine & Surgery of Long Island.”

Dr Dan Performed dualPortal

Connect With a Long Island Spine Specialist

If you’re suffering from back or neck pain, schedule a consultation at Spine Medicine & Surgery of Long Island. Once Dr. Choi develops a diagnosis, he will walk you through your options for relieving pain and regaining mobility, so you can get back to doing the things you love as quickly as possible.

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